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Please only fill out after membership or wristband purchase. Your order # will be requested below. You are not registered without a valid Order #. To make things easier, read all the FAQs below before submitting.

Showcase Application Submission- View FAQ at bottom of Page

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What is an Open Round?

There will be several rooms upstairs in the Gatlinburg Inn on Thursday night open for members to play or listen. A “Featured Songwriter” will supervise the round of 6-8 members. Participants can go from room to room and join a round when a seat is available or just listen. Only one song per round is allowed if others would like to join. Thursday following Opening Show

How much does it cost to submit an application?

Submission is free to members of GSF. We encourage all applicants to become members so that they can promote themselves on the website, see events in real time, and receive discounts. A Showcase Round submission does not mean automatic inclusion.

How can I join the association?

If you are not yet a Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival member, you may join by clicking here.

How will I know if I have been selected?

A committee will decide whether the submissions will be granted based on content and availability. All applicants will receive a response from us via email by June 30th. Due to high volume, please do not contact the office asking about the status of your application.

How do I know GSF received my materials?

You will receive an email once your application has been processed.

How do I apply for a Spotlight Showcase?

If you have requested an application, the application will be emailed to your email address on the day submissions open. Please read it carefully and follow the instructions.

I am a GSF member Agent, Manager, Record Label or another non-artist member. May I submit my non-member artist(s) using my membership?

No. Only members enjoy the benefit of no-fee applications. We invite all non-member songwriters to either join the GSF as a member for $30. Note: If you are providing a Spotlight Showcase this fee applies to each member on stage.

Do I have a better chance of being selected if I submit my material early?

Yes. It’s an open submission process, and it is competitive, however, the earlier you secure a place the better for you.

How are artists selected?

An objective panel of respected retailers, concert/club promoters and media professionals will review each submission. The submissions will be granted based on content and availability.

What are the benefits to playing a Spotlight Showcase if I am selected?

Great question. When you are selected, we schedule you in traditional rounds. If you purchase a Spotlight Showcase, you will receive 30 minutes to play your music exclusively, and you will have control over who is on the stage with you. This option is also good for publishing companies, record labels, co-writing and performing partners. Many bands use this option rather than performing a traditional round. Some people do more than one Spotlight Showcase to better promote their music.

If chosen, how long will my scheduled set be?

Most showcase rounds are 60 minutes and are shared by 3-4 songwriters. That would be approximately 3-5 songs each person per round. The length depends on the location, time and lineup and consideration should be made for time getting on and off stage.

Are showcase songwriters paid to perform at the Festival?

Showcase round songwriters receive inclusion in promotional materials to support their performance and are invited to attend opening night and all other showcase rounds. Membership discounts are available for additional conference registrations should they wish to purchase them. Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival is a 501c3 and our intention is to provide a platform to support music, songwriters and music education. Showcase songwriters are welcomed to request tips, sell merchandise & CD’s, and promote themselves during the showcase and up to 1 hour before or after show.

Is backline equipment provided? Yes, one mic and DI per participant

What if I do not choose to become a GSF member but want to apply? If you do not choose to become a member of GSF, an application may be provided, however, there is a $25 administrative fee to cover the review and selection which is non-refundable. Membership provides you with much more flexibility and the application is free.